Southland Fire Apparatus



HME is the world’s largest single-source producer of custom, stainless steel fire apparatus. HME uses stainless steel almost exclusively in the construction of its fire apparatus bodies and components because of the many advantages and benefits stainless steel has to offer in the tough and harsh environments fire apparatus face on an almost daily basis. For starters, stainless steel is as light or lighter than extruded aluminum constructions. Stainless steel is also extremely resistant to corrosion and rust and resists today’s highly corrosive chemicals, salts, and foams, as well as long exposure to water, far better and longer than extruded aluminum or common steel. Stainless steel also resists cracking from pressure and stress and, unlike aluminum constructions, stainless steel will not fracture or crack from chassis twisting or vibration.



Watch how HME Ahrens-Fox builds from the ground up.  Starting with raw steel to build the frame all the way to a complete custom truck ready to hit the street.  Vertical integration means all parts work better  when they are designed and fabricated to go together.